Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are also called Medicare Part C.  They are Health plans run by Medicare approved private insurance companies.

The best way to understand the difference between Original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage is simply this: The Medicare Advantage plan works just like your Group Health Plan you have or had when you were working. The Medicare Advantage plan has Office Visit Co Pays, it has Deductibles, it has Max out of Pocket Limits, it has drug coverage and it has a Network of Providers just like your Group Health Plan.

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So how do you decide?

Original Medicare with Supplement

  •  The easiest, most hassle free plan to use.
  • You can see any provider you want as long as they take Medicare.
  • No copay’s, deductibles or network providers to keep up with
  • Costs more than a Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage

  • Great choice for folks who want to save money
  • Good for those who are not traveling all over the country.
  • Always remember, a Medicare Advantage plan is a Network based plan, meaning you must stick to a network of doctors and hospitals.

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